R2 - Follow the Rhythm

Integrated HiFi Experience

The whole body is made of all metal with CNC integrated structure,which could cut out those configurations as turntable,speaker and amplifier.And that is a most direct way of all-in-one experience.

Capture the Details of the Sound

A honeycomb front design of dot arrangement fits each precise hole position after rigorous processing.And every detail of the control is the attitude of music.

Multiple Ways of Playing

  • Play Vinyl Records;
  • 3.5mm AUX IN Supported
  • USB Plug and Play,Support More Music Format;
  • Bluetooth Connection is a More Convenient Way for Wireless Music;
  • FM Stereo,One-Click search,Stereo Playback;
  • One Key Remote Control is Smart and Free.
  • Bluetooth

  • Line Connection

  • FM Radio

  • Play USB music

  • Full Range Stereo Speaker

  • HiFi MM Cartridge

  • Four-Point Spring Shock Absorption

  • HiFi Headphone Amplifier

Maximum Reduction for Sound

The Aviation Bearing Shaft fits an original Audio-Technica HiFi Stereo MM Cartridge,The Base adopts Shock-Absorbing Silica Gel to isolate the vibration from the arm brought by the device.All the three make the Track Signal picked up by the Stylus be more Original.

High Fidelity Headphone Amplifier

33mW HiFi headphone amplifier pass the details of each note to your ears inside out.Let the ears enjoy the immersive experience.

Acrylic Frosted Turntable

The surface texture of acrylic turntable is soft and frosted and that is green and tough.Light material could be more convenient for moving and carrying.

Full Range Closed Enclosure

The built-in closed stereo full-range speaker is composed of two bulletproof fiber composite monomers and two low frequency runway radiators.


Note: The text on the product label varies slightly according to the sales area.The product parameters,performance and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

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