X1 - In Honor

Amplified Pleasure

The amplifier has 32W POWER OUT and the device is equipped with high fidelity headphone amplifier.Every details of note would be passed to your ears inside out.Let the ears enjoy the immersive experience.

Classic by Simplicity

There is an unique spiral disc design for the device,it has a strong body with a honeycomb dot design front panel.The fine metal surface treatment creates a minimalist art form.

Excellent Acoustic

With two years of research and development,we continue to make breakthroughs in design and functions.Only to show you the results of shared powerful visual and auditory.

  • Bluetooth

  • Line Connection

  • FM Radio

  • Play USB music

  • Full Range Stereo Speaker


  • HiFi Tube Amplifier

  • HiFi Headphone Amplifier

The Power in High and Low Frequency

With HiFi sound quality from high fidelity tube amplifier,the low frequency is like the soft and clear water,and the high frequency is as strong as mighty sea.Vocal performance is a strong point of X1,which would minimizing distortion as the sound be there.

Wireless Integration with WiFi

High Fidelity Sound Quality combined with Wireless Connection;

Switch Tracks freely with Mobile Phone Bluetooth;

FM Stereo Radio,One-Click to Search, Stereo Playback to Go.

Transmission Ways is Up to You

3.5mm Stereo AUX IN supported for Lossless Music;
USB Plug and Play,Support More Music Format.

Full Range Closed Enclosure

The built-in closed stereo full-range speaker is composed of two bulletproof fiber composite monomers and two low frequency runway radiators.


Note: The text on the product label varies slightly according to the sales area.The product parameters,performance and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

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